MusicPro (UK) Group News - 12th October 2011

Peter Gabriel Still No Closer To I/O Release!

Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel is still no further forward with his much awaited new album, tentatively titled I/O, which will be his first original material for nearly 10 years.

Gabriel was asked about the progress of the I/O songs he'd been working on by Rolling Stone magazine and said, "Not songs. Ideas. They're still sitting there and I haven't done much work on I/O. Some I'd probably like now and quite a lot I'd just leave by the wayside. A lot of them are starting points and some more are fleshed out recordings.

When the current tour ends I definitely want to look at that stuff. But having just done something that's been seen as so serious, adult and difficult, it would be quite fun to do the opposite. So I'm going to explore a bit of that too. Maybe something lighter, rhythmic, more electronic maybe into acoustic and dark.I mean, I've got one or two ideas, but it may be I'll just follow my nerves when I start. But I'm really looking forward to it."

On the delay Gabriel says, "I hate saying time now, because I always take longer. But there are things I'm mucking around with on the piano that I'm enjoying quite a bit. Let's put it like that."

Gabriel also indicated that the album may not eventually be called I/O, "With I/O I was thinking of a particular batch of material, which is sort of half-finished. So if it becomes something else, I might look at it and see if it still seems relevant. I'm not sure how good the ideas are. That's the truth. Some of the things need to be cooked a little more in order to become edible."

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