MusicPro (UK) Group News - 30th October 2011

Rammstein Retrospective Collection Released 5th Dec!


German theatrical industrial metal band, Rammstein, will release a collection of 'retrospective' works on December 5th 2011 through Vagrant Records.

The collection, titled 'Made In Germany 1995-2011' will be released in three different formats to appeal to both the casual and the obsessive fans, 'Standard Edition' a 'Best Of' CD Digipak, 'Special Edition' which combines the 'Best Of' and a 'Best Of Remix' album and finally a Metal Boxed 'Super Deluxe Edition' which combines the 'Best Of' & 'Best Of Remix' albums along with 3 DVD's.

The DVDs will comprise the band’s full video catalog along with eight previously unreleased 'Making Of' videos. The super deluxe edition will be encased in a steel box and will come with a 240-page booklet. It’s an exclusive piece, as only a limited amount of numbered copies will be made available!

All the songs and videos in the retrospective collection have been specifically remastered for these particular releases.

Rammstein’s new single ‘Mein Land’ is set for release on November 11th. The video for 'Mein Land' will also premiere on the band's website, , on November 11th.

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