MusicPro (UK) Group News - 11th October 2011

Sabbath Reformation Rumours Surface Once More!

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne has again started the rumour mill and has told Billboard magazine in a new interview that Black Sabbath are looking likely to reform with the classic line-up.

Osbourne claimed "Yes, it's a very, very strong possibility," he says of getting the old band back together. "It's in the very early stages, so we haven't recorded anything yet. If it works out, it'll work out. If it doesn't, I'll keep doing my thing."

Other members of the Sabbath family have however denied that any discussions or meetings have taken place and have gone as far to suggest that it's all just a PR ploy to gain publicity for Ozzy's new book, "Trust Me, I'm Doctor Ozzy".

The book is a compilation of articles from the column the Sunday Times which is alleged to be written by Osbourne.

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