MusicPro (UK) Group News - 22nd November 2011

Bruce Dickinson Loses His Airline Pilot Job!

Bruce Dickinson

What's a diminutive multi-millionaire rock star pilot to do when his "employer" goes into receivership?

Astraeus Airlines who provided Iron Maiden's "Tattooed Millionaire" frontman Bruce Dickinson with his pilot's "job" have gone bust.

Dickinson allegedly found out while flying 250 passengers from Jeddah International Airport in Saudi Arabia to Manchester, England and received a message over the radio that the company had been ordered to cease operations.

The Daily Mail reports that the UK Charter company blamed it's demise on, "lower than expected levels of business during the summer, a lack of contracts for winter 2011-2012 and some extremely bad luck with a number of technical issues."

Dickinson has always rankled with other UK pilots because his multi-millionaire status allowed him to queue jump by buying himself into training programmes that other pilots had to save for years to afford.

One UK pilot says, "Dickinson is always bleating on about being an airline pilot - being a pilot in modern times is unfortunately about being able to afford the training. The general public still think that you've got to have a degree and a shedload of qualifications but that's not the case. No qualifications are necessary and anyone who can afford to pay for the training can be a pilot. When you're a multi-millionaire there's nothing stopping you. Most of todays airline pilots have to borrow money to afford to train."

"It's annoying when somebody comes along who does this as a hobby and takes jobs away from people who actually need them and have wanted to do this all their life. It's sad in itself that it's Dickinson that all the media reports about Astraeus are focusing on when the real employees are going to have to find some other way of paying their bills when he's not going to be inconvenienced in any way whatsoever."

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