MusicPro (UK) Group News - 10th November 2011

Neil Schon Hopes To Reunite Original Journey Line-up!

Neil Schon

Neal Schon says he’d love to get the original pre-Steve Perry Journey line-up back together for a few reunion shows.

Schon told Billboard magazine, "I’ve been wanting to get together with Aynsley Dunbar (drummer) and Ross Valory (bassist). It seems like an impossibility, because I’m always on tour."

"I’ve been talking to Gregg Rolie (original keyboardist and singer) about it for years, that I would love to have a reunion, even if we only played a handful of shows at the House Of Blues in different cities and do nothing but our old songs. I think people would go absolutely nuts for it, just because of the history of it and the fact that it’s not been heard in years."

Schon said that Rolie left the band prior to Cain’s arrival in 1980, "because he was sick of touring so much."

"Steve Perry was bionic to be able to do what he did for as many years as he did under our touring schedule. That would be tough for anybody to keep up with that except Arnel Pineda. This boy is insane. He’s got tremendous strength and wow. We’ve done a lot of work this year, and not easy work. One five in a row, a lot of three in a rows, that’s not easy to do with us, there’s a lot required of a vocalist."

Journey (with bassist Valory) have just finished their biggest tour in 20 years, with Arnel Pineda on vocals, drummer Deen Castronovo and longtime keyboardist Jonathan Cain.

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