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Eddie Van Halen Only On The Road Because Of Wolfie!

Eddie Van Halen

Although Eddie Van Halen is still continuing to refuse to do any interviews to support Van Halen's new album and tour, some of the gaps have been filled in by his ex-wife, 'Hot In Cleveland' actress, Valerie Bertinelli. Bertinelli spoke to WRIF Detroit about how Van Halen are coping on the road and specifically addressed the ongoing opposition from Van Halen fans to her (and Eddie's) son, Wolfgang handling bass playing duties instead of founding member Michael Anthony.

Bertinelli claimed that the inclusion of Wolfgang was the only way that Eddie would be touring with Van Halen again and said, "I loved Mike too, I thought he was a really nice guy, still do, but the only way this tour is happening is because Eddie gets to play with his son Wolfie. Otherwise, this tour wouldn’t be going on, it really wouldn’t."

She also had a message for any of the Van Halen fans who are still angry about the seemingly nepotic inclusion of Wolfgang over Michael Anthony and said, "For any of the fans that are truly angry that Mike’s not in the band, at least they get to see a version of the band. You’re getting to see Dave and Ed and Al play together. I know I’m a little prejudiced but.. my son kicks ass! And Ed’s playing better than ever, you’ve gotta give him that."

Bertinelli said that the chance to play with his son was the main factor that convinced Eddie to get Van Halen back on the road, "This brings joy to Ed, and that’s what he wants to do now, just have fun playing. As great as Mike is, this wouldn’t be happening if Mike was still in the band."

Asked if she had to warn Dave Lee Roth about how to treat her son on the road, Bertinelli responded, "No, Dave doesn’t need to have any words from me. He’s a grown man, he knows how to treat people. Everything with Dave is water under the bridge. I think he’s doing an amazing job. I run into him very infrequently, but when we do it’s always pleasant. With age comes wisdom, I guess. I always choose to look at the good side. These are really great people. This is my son. I just want him to be happy. And this is a dream come true for Ed."

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