MusicPro (UK) Group News - 17th January 2012

Chickenfoot Will Never Play Any Van Halen Songs Live!

Sammy Hagar - Chickenfoot

Sammy Hagar has declared that Chickenfoot will never play any Van Halen or his own solo material live!

Sammy told website, Get Your Rock Out, "We really do not want to dilute this band and become a Van Halen cover band, or become a Sammy Hagar cover band or a Joe Satriani cover band! The idea is that we are Chickenfoot, and we will stay that!"

According to Hagar, there’s only one scenario where this rule might be broken, saying, "I don’t think we will ever play any of our old catalog unless you catch us in Cabo jamming and then it’s more Hendrix and Zeppelin and Montrose and that kind of stuff."

However theres still a chance to hear Sammy singing stuff from his pre-Chickenfoot days as he plans to reverse that rule for his solo tour. "If you see Sammy Hagar on tour, you’re going to get my whole catalogue. You’re going to get songs from Montrose to the early Red Rocker years, Van Halen, the Van Hagar era - everything but Chickenfoot."

When asked about the new Chickenfoot album, Chickenfoot III, Sammy said, "My inspiration is the world around me, things I’ve witnessed, things I’ve been seeing around me in life and the world that I live in. My life, my relationship with my wife, and my kids, and my family and friends."

"The way I tried to write about the world was like that too," he continued. "Like ‘Something Going Wrong’ - that’s a real deep song. It’s very Biblical about the four seasons, solar ages, every 2,000 years something very cataclysmic seems to happen on the planet. We just moved into the air, from water - 2,000 years of the age of Pisces, and we move into the Age of Aquarius. We’re in the air age, so we’re going to be destroyed by something from the air."

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