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Lita Ford 'Living Like A Runaway' Released May 2012!

Lita Ford

British guitarist Lita Ford will release her first studio album in almost 3 years in May 2012. The new album is titled 'Living Like A Runaway' and is her first studio release since 2009's 'Wicked Wonderland' The album will be released through SPV/Steamhammer and is part of Ford's new Worldwide deal with the company.

In the latest SPV Press Release, Lita states, "SPV gets who I am, my work and what it takes to bring this project to life. I’m very excited to have them on my team."

Refering to the title and Producer Gary Hoey she continues, "Gary Hoey and I wanted to approach this record by getting back to basics. We want to strip away all the electronics and plug-ins and keep it to vocals, guitar, bass and drums. Going back to basics is going back to what punk, metal and The Runaways was for me. ‘Living Like A Runaway’ means freedom and empowerment. To do what I want and to pursue my dreams while answering to no one."

SPV A&R Representative/Product Manager Olly Hahn gushed, "When I bought Dancin’ On The Edge back in 1984, I never thought that I would ever sign Lita Ford to a label. But a dream of mine came true, and it’s a huge honor for us at SPV/Steamhammer to have one of the leading women in Rock n’ Roll on our label."

The 53 year old guitarist was born Carmelita Rossana Ford in London, UK on 19th September 1958. She later moved to the United States and at the age of 16 found success as the lead guitarist in all-female rock band The Runaways.

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