MusicPro (UK) Group News - 2nd January 2012

Carlos Santana Performs Live With Justin Bieber!

Carlos Santana

In the USA, ABC Television's 'Dick Clark Show' surprised viewers with the unconventional pairing of guitar legend Carlos Santana and teeny pop sensation Justin Bieber.

The unlikely pair took part in the Dick Clark 'New Year's Rockin Eve' special on December 31st which was aired live from Times Square in New York.

Thankfully nobody was subjected to any of Bieber's pop warblings and the pair collaborated on a special version of the Beatles classic 'Let It Be'.

If the American media is to be believed, rock fans were apparently able to see 17 year old Justin 'in a different light' as the words of 'Let It Be' 'were softly sung by the young singer'.

Bieber started off playing solo and after about 3 minutes Carlos Santana joined in to add his own brand of guitar to the musical tribute to the Beatles.

Watch the performance here:-

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