MusicPro (UK) Group News - 15th December 2011

1987 KISS Hit Used To Promote Smirnoff Vodka!

Paul Stanley - KISS

KISS and Paul Stanley may be better known for advertising the 'misunderstood' Dr Pepper but their 1987 hit, ‘Crazy, Crazy Nights’ is currently being used by one of the major alchohol companies, Smirnoff, to promote Smirnoff vodka.

Commercial artists Big Foote have teamed with singer Sun For Moon on a cover of the 1987 KISS hit.

‘Crazy, Crazy Nights’ in it's original form will always be known as one of the main KISS comeback songs, but the remake is surprisingly low-key. Big Foote & Sun For Moon ignore the original party-rock feel of ‘Crazy, Crazy Nights,’ opting instead for a laidback ballad performance.

The song is available as a download on all the usual websites.

Surely this'll now prompt the KISS Army to ask for a Vodka and Dr Pepper in their local bars as these are now their heroes two approved drink products?

Big Foote have previously worked on and supplied music for commercials for McDonalds and Geico in the USA.

Watch the promo video here:-

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