MusicPro (UK) Group News - 29th August 2011

Skid Row's Sebastian Bach Hit By Hurricane Irene!

Sebastian Bach

Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach has had his Middletown, New Jersey mansion destroyed by flooding that resulted from a massive storm following Hurricane Irene.

Posting on Facebook, Bach said, "In the two decades I have lived in this home, there has never been a single drop of water in the basement or anywhere else in the structure. Now Irene has overflowed the reservoir adjacent to my house. The surging waters have snapped the bridge in half next to my house and sent the bridge straight into my garage, knocking the house off of its foundation. The basement that has been dry for over two decades is now overflowing with water and I am not even allowed to start pumping the water out due to fears of electrocution."

Bach went on to say that items destroyed in the flood included Skid Row video and audio master tapes, including the master tapes for the band’s 1990 Oh Say Can You Scream home video. Also destroyed were Bach’s prized KISS gargoyles from that band’s 1979 tour, and his KISS pinball machine. The 16-foot Slave to the Grind album cover mural by Bach’s late father survived the flooding.

Bach’s new album Kicking and Screaming will be released on September 27th 2011.

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