MusicPro (UK) Group News - 18th August 2011

Alleged Hendrix Jacket Being Auctioned Online!

Jimi Hendrix Experience

A jacket alleged to have been owned by Jimi Hendrix is being sold through auction company, The Fame Bureau, in an online auction on August 24th 2011 by "pop memorabilia expert" Ted Owen.

Hendrix allegedly left the custom-made jacket at a friend's house in London hours before his untimely death aged 27 in 1970. The unnamed friend kept hold of the military grey jacket until he allegedly gave it to Owen as payment for valuing a collection of music related items in the 1990s.

Self proclaimed "pop memorabilia expert" Owen told The Telegraph, "During the late 1990s I was asked to value memorabilia at a house in Notting Hill. The large Victorian house had a psychedelic painted camper van in the front drive. The gentleman owner had obviously been one of the hippy crowd in the sixties. His collection mainly comprised of art work posters and various other paperwork. He informed me that he had been an associate of Jimi Hendrix and that he also had known Monika Dannermann, Jimi's German girlfriend at the time of his death. He then left the room and came back with a grey jacket that looked to be a similar style to Dandy Fashions, a clothes shop in the Kings Road in Chelsea in 1967. He said that this was the jacket that Jimi had left at his house either the night that he died or the day before."

Owen claims that his unamed client committed suicide a short time later in his psychedelic camper van in a similar fashion to how Monika Dannermann killed herself in 1996.

Bearing in mind that Owen's tale can't be corroborated due to the "convenience" of his "unnamed" client supposedly committing suicide other experts have cast doubt on Owens tale and have expressed concern over the authenticity of the jacket and the plausibility of Owen's story giving rise to wonder how Owen is going to authenticate the piece which, if genuine, is expected to fetch circa £25,000.

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