MusicPro (UK) Group News - 17th August 2011

Typical RUSH Fan - Probably Fairly Intelligent!


In the September 2011 issue of Vintage Guitar magazine, Elliot Cohen asked RUSH guitarist Alex Lifeson, real name Aleksander Zivojinovie, how he felt about RUSH being ignored yet again by the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

Alex says, "It's not a big concern. It's a business that makes a lot of money and I have no problem with that, but it's not a real representation of what rock music is about. There are certainly a lot bands in there that I admire. But if we're not wanted there I really don't care. Being inducted is not going to change my life at all.

When asked if there was such a thing as a typical RUSH fan Lifeson says, "Since the Beyond The Lighted Stage documentary, we have a new level of popularity and a broader fan base. There are a lot more females at shows than in the past because there are things in the documentary that women relate to - the connections we have with our families, and the women we married when we were young and have been with ever since. The typical Rush fan? Hard to say. Probably fairly intelligent; very interested in music and information. Knowledgeable."

On the lack of Rock music in the charts Alex says, "What happened? Is it because of the quality of music? This generation has grown up on different influences. Rap and hip-hop isn't my cup of tea. I try to be open-minded about it, but honestly I don't see any real quality there. I recently took my TV into a place to get repaired, and while I was standing in the queue, I was watching a huge TV on the wall. The sound was turned off, and there was some concert footage of Ricky Martin with all this dancing. It looked so ridiculous. Music seems to be all about dancing now. To me, it has lost the plot. Is all that dancing really more important to people than real music?"

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