MusicPro (UK) Group News - 10th August 2011


Great White's Jack Russell Plans Comeback

Great White

There are reports that Great White's Jack Russell is planning to make a comeback in the not too distant future despite still recovering from emergency surgery for a perforated bowel last summer.

Russell nearly died and was forced to remain in hospital for more than eight weeks. Doctors advised Russell to take a year off from touring, and Great White had to employ ex-Warrant frontman Jani Lane to help finish their 2010. Terry Ilous, former lead singer of XYZ, is now fronting the band until Russell returns.

Great White guitarist/keyboardist Michael Lardie says about the projected comeback, "It's really up to Jack. I talk to him a couple or three times a week, he's working, very, very hard to get back. He misses it terribly. He misses all of us. And we'd like him to come back when he's 150 percent ready because I'd hate for him to come back too soon and realize, 'Oh wow I really should have done rehab for another month before I tried to come back. Now I gotta take more time off.' I want him to be just so ready to go that he just blows people's minds. So we're all being very supportive of him. And the great thing is he's being very supportive of our scenario by endorsing us to go out and do what we're doing. And giving Terry Ilous, who's filling in for Jack, encouragement. I don't want him coming back to soon. I want it to be right, so when he's back he's back all the way."

About the forthcoming new Great White album, Lardie says "We always write songs and think in terms of how it would sound with Jack singing them. When you're at home working on a song you think 'where would Jack go with this? How would he approach this?' We keep doing it no matter if we have a project specifically in mind or not?

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