Viewing lanarkshire360 High-Resolution 4K Videos

Restrictions with the YouTube video player mean that videos "embedded" within a web page may initially be presented in a lower resolution than you would like. The higher resolutions, up to 4K, can be accessed by hovering your cursor over the video, whereby the YouTube player controls will become visible. You can then select whatever resolution you require. You can also choose to view the video in a "fullscreen" window.

Occasionally, the YouTube player, playing embedded video within a web page, will also state that FULLSCREEN is not available. This appears when your web browser "permissions" do not allow "fullscreen" viewing and is a known YouTube problem, it IS NOT a problem with this website. A Google search using the terms, "YouTube", "fullscreen" and "not allowed" will enable you find the information to set the appropriate PERMISSIONS for your own web browser. Alternatively, you can also just click the YouTube logo and view the video directly on YouTube!

For the near future all lanarkshire360 content will now be presented in a Flash based format that will automatically "fallback" to HTML5 format when the users browser cannot handle Flash based content. Although HTML5 would appear to be the way that the main volume of internet media will eventually be served, at the moment very few web browsers apart from Firefox, are totally HTML5 compatible. We recommend the Firefox browser as being the best able to handle modern content at the moment.

Currently very few "mobile" devices are completely compatible with either Flash or HTML5 so it will depend on your specific device whether the full range of features are available when viewing any of the interactive 360 degree content. i.e. Some mobile devices will display the control buttons and allow the fullscreen facility while others will only allow viewing within the original "window".