Gatwick Aviation Museum

Vallance By-Ways, Chorlwood, Surrey, RH6 0BT, UK
EE Lightning

The Gatwick Aviation Museum has a unique collection of British aircraft from the "golden age" of British aircraft manufacture.

From the end of WWII until the 1970's British aircraft designers produced some of the most innovative and advanced aircraft of the day.

From post war to cold war, the museum clearly shows that timeline in aviation terms.

In this collection there are examples from the major manufacturers of this period, including Avro, Hawker, Gloster, De Havilland, English Electric, Blackburn and Percival.

The museum is run as a charitable trust under the rules and guidance of the charities commission. The board of five trustees decides policy and the strategic framework for the museum. The majority of the museum staff are volunteers who give what time they can to help to run the museum. The only exception is the museum manager who is a full time paid member of staff.

The museum is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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