MusicPro (UK) Group News - 3rd September 2011

Metallica Alienate Fans Further With Private Gig!


On Wednesday August 31st, Metallica played a "private" show at the annual convention of, a cloud computing company, that left their ordinary fans out in the cold.

The suits were treated to a 14-song set that kept mostly to the "hits" and kicked off with Creeping Death, running through Fuel, One, Nothing Else Matters and ended with Seek & Destroy before returning for an encore of Enter Sandman.

After word leaked out the band understandably attracted criticism for playing a "private" show that was unnacessible to real fans. Metallica then allegedly tried to smooth the waters by inviting some Metallica fan club members to the show. Backpedalling further, Metallica also claimed that the only reason that they played a "corporate" show was as a favour to one of Kirk Hammet's neighbours who just happens to be a executive!

However, this still left fans unhappy with various snipes being made on online forums insisting that this was just the next step in Metallica's evercontinuing greed. One fan asked, "What's next? Is any rich kid with enough cash going to be able book the band for their birthday party? Over the years Metallica have continually alienated the people who bought their records and enabled them to live the rock star life. This is just another kick in the teeth and only demonstrates how little they care about their real fans!"

The forthcoming album from Metallica and Lou Reed, Lulu, will be released on October 31.

Metallica and Lou Reed will appear on BBC 2’s Later With Jools Holland on Tuesday November 8th 2011.

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