MusicPro (UK) Group News - 24th October 2011

Jon Anderson Releases New Track On 67th Birthday!

Jon Anderson

Jon Anderson celebrates his 67th birthday on 25th October 2011 with a return to his traditional "Prog" roots when he releases a 21 minute long track entitled "OPEN". The long-form track will only be available in digital download form and will be released through Jon's official website,

Jon says, "'Forever taken to that place of understanding,' are the first lyrics of 'OPEN', as though I am always remembering my true musical journey. To create this work, I sat with my 19th Century guitar and strummed ideas last spring 2010. Songs just poured out of me that week, and before I knew it I had created a long form musical idea, and with the help of Stefan Podell's powerful orchestration, we put together what is now 'OPEN.'

"It has 4 movements all intertwined, and seems to have a life of its own. For those who love this kind of music, I feel so happy to present it as one of many I hope to create over the coming years. My love 'Janee' has helped in production with her unique musical observations and her angel voice. I am so happy and thankful... Many Blessings."

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