MusicPro (UK) Group News - 6th January 2012

World's Youngest Rock Band Play Whisky A Go-Go!

Haunted By Heroes

The World's Youngest Heavy Rock Band, 'Haunted By Heroes' have acheived a landmark very early in their career by scoring a gig in Los Angeles, California's legendary rock venue, the Whisky A Go-Go!

The band have been playing together for many years yet all the members of Haunted By Heroes, known to the cool-kids as 'HxH', are still only 11 years-old. The band, who are all San Fransisco natives, all met in daycare when they were 3 years-old and have been pals ever since.

The band are in 6th grade in High School and despite all the recent media attention are currently trying to keep their feet firmly on the ground and remain regular High School kids. Rhythm guitarist Charlie told US TV station MSNBC, "School is really important and so is practice. You can’t become a huge rock star without good grades."

However keyboard player Brandon gave the benefit of his years in the music business by adding, "Go with your dreams, no matter how old you are."

Haunted by Heroes currently have two tracks available in the usual MP3 stores. The first full-length HxH album is expected in the near future.

Watch the MSNBC interview and feature here:-

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