MusicPro (UK) Group News - 1st January 2012

New Green Day Album Expected In Early 2012!

Green Day

It's now over 3 years since Bay Area pop-punksters Green Day released an album of new material and band insiders now claim that a new release will be announced in early in the New year just before the band confirm their 2012 touring plans.

Green Day have been hyping the 'new' album since they were on their 21st Century Breakdown tour and in October 2010 they claimed that they had over 30 songs already written. Bearing in mind the time that's now passed they should surely have managed to pare these tracks down and have preparations in hand for the recording process?

In August 2011 the band played a 'secret' gig in California which featured a 15 song set of new material. Title of the new songs included, 'Carpe Diem', 'Little Boy Named Train', 'Too Young To Die', 'Nuclear Family', and their tribute to recently deceased Amy Winehouse, imaginatively titled 'Amy'.

'Carpe Diem' would seem to be a definate for the new album as it was aired again at their San Francisco gig on November 1st 2011.

The wide range of the new material certainly doesn't give any indication of the direction of the new album as all the new tracks played at the California gig were a diverse bunch.

Listen to Carpe Diem here:-

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