MusicPro (UK) Group News - 9th February 2012

Jon Anderson Says Yes Rumours Are Unfounded!

Jon Anderson - Yes

Ex-Yes vocalist and founding member, Jon Anderson has issued a press statement denying comments made by Yes bass player Chris Squire regarding the possibility of the pair working together again. This comes shortly after industry rumours emerged that Anderson was asked to rejoin the band to replace ailing Benoit David. Anderson says that these rumours are, "unfounded and false."

Regarding his relationship with Anderson, Chris Squire told, "We email each other. We have a cordial relationship."

However, Anderson's statement completely dismisses all claims made by Squire and he says, "I haven't spoken with Chris in four years and the only e-mail I have received from him in the last three years was him asking for free tickets to my show in Mesa, AZ last week - very sad, but true."

The latest revelations come just days after Yes announced that controversial vocalist Benoit David was being 'permanently replaced' by Glass Hammer vocalist Jon Davidson due to David suffering from a 'respitory ailment' that caused the band to cancel gigs in December. Bizarrely, David joined Yes back in 2008 because Jon Anderson was unable to commit to the forthcoming Yes tour due to 'respitory problems'.

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