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Black Sabbath Album To Be Released Autumn 2012!

Black Sabbath

Despite the reformation being officially announced and gigs confirmed, the Black Sabbath 'rumours' continue, with speculation from Sabbath 'insiders' claiming that the first album to feature the original line-up since 1978's 'Never Say Die' will be released in Autumn 2012.

The original Sabbath members, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward and Ozzy Osbourne announced at a press conference on November 11th 2011 that they were already working on new material for the new album and that Rick Rubin had been chosen to man the helm of the production desk.

Then on 18th November Black Sabbath announced that on May 18th 2012 they would embark on a World Tour comprising 15 dates which would start off in Moscow and finish up in Milan on June 24th.

On November 24th, Ozzy’s daughter, Kelly, confirmed that Sabbath were, indeed, in the studio by tweeting, "Thanx @OfficialSabbath 4 ruining my Thanksgiving by staying in the studio u miserable old tea drinkers! ps I’m bringing u food to the studio," and continued "Since its just me and my mum in town looks like we will now be spending Thanksgiving in the studio with @OfficialSabbath, could be worse!"

Despite having claimed that they 'would never work together again' and despite the Lawsuits threatened by Sharon Osbourne when Iommi and Butler formed Heaven & Hell, Iommi, Butler and Ward commenced dialogue with Ozzy shortly after Heaven & Hell vocalist Ronnie James Dio died on May 16th 2010.

Ozzy last performed with Black Sabbath at Ozzfest in 1999 and Sabbath had previously started working with Rick Rubin on new songs way back in Spring 2001, but the sessions were halted when Sharon demanded that Ozzy returned to work on his 2001 solo album ‘Down to Earth.’

During the 11/11/11 press conference, Iommi said, "It’s now or never. We are getting along great. Everything’s really good. We know that this time it’s going to happen." Ozzy commented, "It’s just time. This time, for some magical reason, we have written about seven or eight songs so far and they’re really good."

The new Black Sabbath album will be released on Vertigo/ Universal Republic in North America and Vertigo in Europe.

The title will be announced once Sharon decides what it is! :-)

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