MusicPro (UK) Group News - 29th December 2011

New Van Halen Album Release Date Finally Confirmed!

Van Halen

On Boxing Day, Van Halen released a teaser graphic saying only "2.7.12" and ever since, VH fans have been arguing about the meaning.

Van Halen have now released a little more about their forthcoming plans.

They already told us that tickets for the 2012 tour would be going on sale on January 10th, but now they have told us they will announce the tour itinerary on January 3rd, giving fans little over a week to make preparations for one of the most hyped tours of recent times.

However January 10th not only marks the date that tickets go on sale, but it's also the date that Van Halen will debut the first single and video from the new album, the first with original lead singer David Lee Roth since ’1984.’

The new album itself will be released 3 days earlier, as promised by the teaser graphic, on February 7th 2012!

Eddie Van Halen has also made it very clear that despite what the media have been saying, ‘The Future’ will not be the title of the album and that little bit of information is being kept back as a final surprise for VH fans.

Sadly for fans, there still doesn't seem to be any chance of original bass player Michael Anthony, currently with Chickenfoot, replacing Eddie Van Halen's son, Wolfgang and completing the original line-up.

Founding Van Halen member Anthony admits to wanting to hear the record and said, "I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested. I’m interested to hear what their new album will sound like when it comes out."

The recording of the album has also led to the old tensions returning and after spending some time in the studio where Van Halen are recording their "new" album, Chickenfoot drummer Kenny Aronoff told VH1 Radio, "There was the David Lee Roth camp and there was the VH brothers’ camp."

Aronoff said VH played one song for him, "and it was good!" However Aronoff also reported, "I know my buddy who started producing it, John Shanks, and then I know the guy who was mixing it, Ross Hogarth, and I was hearing all kinds of stories. You know, it was the whole thing, I just heard the classic stories, my buddy finally was told to leave, the producer, and he heard about how people would get fired and he was like, ‘It happened to me too!’."

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