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New Rick Rubin Produced ZZ Top Album In 2012!

ZZ Top

The new Rick Rubin produced ZZ Top album will surface in Spring 2012 according to Billy Gibbons.

Gibbons told David Fricke from Rolling Stone, "presently, it would be safe to say that spring of the year 2012 looks like a probable moment when you’ll finally be able to get your hands on the new album."

Producer Rick Rubin has brought what Gibbons describes as, "latitude to the sessions that made the pacing neither hurried or rushed."

Rubin's laidback approach has given ZZ Top time to think about the new tracks in the studio. Gibbons said, "We consider it a big bonus, the luxury of extra time. You go back and check it out and sure enough, you turn that sudden right corner that was unexpected and you say, wait a minute, let’s keep this extra piece."

Rubin’s trademark tactic of recording live in the studio has apparently resulted in some 'happy accidents' with Gibbons citing unexpected 'not planned' chord changes as an example of the spontaneous work that they’ve accomplished with Rubin as their spiritual guide.

As far as the sound of the songs, Gibbons says that, "incessant touring hasn’t allowed us time to do much else than plug straight into an amp and play it as a trio" which sounds like the band will return to their roots, with a raw sound rather than the overproduced commercialism of later albums.

Watch a video of the interview here:-

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