MusicPro (UK) Group News - 22nd August 2011

New KISS Album, 'MONSTER' Expected 2012!


The title of KISS's 20th studio album will be ‘Monster.’

Gene Simmons told Classic Rock magazine that the album would, "be heavier than 2009's Sonic Boom, and added that, "It feels like a connection between Destroyer and Revenge."

Monster will be the second album to feature the current lineup of original members Simmons and Paul Stanley alongside guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer.

Simmons recently told a US radio station, "The new record is going to be the next step to Sonic Boom. Very similar, straight rock songs, no ballads, no keyboards, no nothing, just rock. We have brand new songs that we've been writing. We've been writing a lot and there's some very good material and that's what we are going to record."

"A lot of the songs have been written by the whole band together, so no outside writers, just the band doing what it did on the first three records; write the songs ourselves. Once you know who you are are and how you breath - because every song is like an animal - you try to bring life to the song so it becomes real. Once you know who you are, it's easy to do - just do what the animal does without thinking about what's popular, what a producer would do. You just do it like you would naturally do it."

MONSTER is expected to be released early in 2012 before KISS head out on the road for a world tour that is expected to stretch well into 2013.

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