MusicPro (UK) Group News - 9th April 2012

KISS To Perform On Dancing With The Stars!

Paul Stanley - KISS

Just after Mötley Crüe encouraged widespread criticism for performing a series of 'cabaret' shows, the latest classic rock act to come under fire are KISS. However, KISS have taken things even more to the extreme and will perform on ABC Television's family favourite, 'Dancing With The Stars', not once, but twice.

KISS are scheduled to perform both tonight (April 9th) and tomorrow (April 10th) on a show where 'guest' performers usually play selected 'slower' songs alonside the in-house backing band while the dancers do their thing on the wooden dance floor.

Gene Simmons has already spoken out and shrugged off his usual detractors who claim that Gene will 'do anything for money' and is said to be looking forward to 'rocking' the prime time family show. The choice of KISS classics isn't yet known but the smart money's on 'Beth' and 'Hard Luck Woman' rather than any of the classic rockers!

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